Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do I Run Or Not ???

I had planned to do 5/6 miles tonight, preferably hilly offroad. The offroad is definitely out and the way the rain is lashing against my office window the road run is out too. I quite enjoy running in the rain and I also enjoy the stupidity of running in 30mph winds but I hate them as a combination.

My plan was to rest Thursday and Friday before running on Saturday but I am now thinking of canning tonights run and going out for a run with the club on Thursday with the slow group. I will enjoy that a lot more even if it is raining and blowing a hoolie....

I am so glad I cycled to work yesterday!


  1. I'm just trying to summon up the necessary enthusiasm to get out there!

  2. There is a weather gap, but it was throwing it down hard when I left St Annes which means its on is way over to Preston. I'm having an easy week due to racing on Saturday so its not such a loss if I don't get out, I'll just run on Thursday.

  3. I didn't bother getting out, I have run club tomorrow and am riding in the Lakes this weekend so I don't feel too guilty for wimping out! Good Luck for Saturday!

  4. I surprised myself by getting out for a nice slow run. I'm glad I went, really enjoyed it.