Saturday, September 6, 2008

DerwentWater Trail Race - Cancelled

Woke up to a miserable wet and windy day but thought sod it, I'm going to run it, take my time and try to enjoy it. I double checked the website before we set off at about 8:15 and it was still going ahead then. One windswept and rain soaked drive to Keswick later we arrive at the event parking to find out it has been cancelled, crap!

We decided to have an hour or two in Keswick before heading off. I heard on the radio that the main marquee had ben damaged overnight so they had to abandon on safety grounds. There were lots of forlorn looking runners wandering round Keswick.

We all managed to pick up a few things, lots of sales on in Keswick - got some nice stretchy black trousers which should be ok for pootling round on the Spesh. After a bit of spending Jez suggested we head down to Staveley via the A road and get some food at Wilf's. The drive down had some very wet roads and the water rushing off the mountains was something to see, gushing torrents everywhere. Rydal water was very, very high and when we got to Wilf's the River Kent was alarmingly close to the top of the walls. It was rushing over the weir behind Wilf's then being churned into a brown froth.

Had a quick look round some of the new shops in the Mill Yard then a sodden drive home. Am currently trying to assuage my disappointment by baking a Lemon Drizzle Cake! I've got pizza dough whirring apund in the breadmaker and a nice glass or two of red (or chilled white, hmm) is on the menu too.

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