Monday, September 29, 2008

Cycle Commute

Decided to cycle to work today rather than Tuesday, primarily because I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday morning but also because the weather is due to deteriorate. I had thought I wouldn't be able to cycle in as I will be taking it easy at the end of the week, but then I remembered the panniers and carrying the laptop is now easy.

It is definitely cold of a morning but it was dry when I set off and pretty still. That changed as I cycled out the other side of Warton, its quite an exposed section and the wind had gotten up properly. I was down to 10mph at some points due to the wind in my face and I was hoping it wouldn't turn round and would blow me home.

It took me 1:11 to cycle in what is now over 18 miles due to changing my route slightly, but again I'd enjoyed it and not killed myself. I parked up in the "bike cupboard" and headed to the shower. I'd remembered my towel this time and the hot shower was very welcome.

The wind got stronger as the day wore on but didn't change direction. I had originally planned on leaving the laptop at work as I was no longer on call but I had some work to do in the evening so it came home again, this meant the pannier was fully loaded.

It threatened rain but thankfully it didn't materialise, it was hard work for the first short section along Blackpool road but then I turned off and the wind was behind me and I started motoring along with no effort. I flew along the section between Lytham and Warton, feeling sorry for the riders going the other way - I did have to ride against it in the morning but it wasn't as strong.

On the Freck bypass I thought I had a puncture, the back of the bike started to feel quite squishy and squirrely. I stopped but the tyre was fine, it kept happening but I finally realised it was the wind catching the pannier. I hit an effortless 25mph along the Marsh Road for a while!

I had to fight the wind a little when heading south through Preston but it wasn't too bad. I really enjoyed the commute again on the tank.

I'm still in love with my panniers, I still think they are one of my best bike purchases. I'm researching forks for the Spesh at the minute.

Garmin unit still MIA...........

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