Friday, September 19, 2008

Cycle Commute

Forecast has been promising for Friday all week so I had planned to ride in. It was a nice autumnal morning so it was a nice ride in. I am on the Spesh today as I am on call at the weekend and need to bring my laptop home with me, it really hurts trying to carry the damn thing on my back so I had a pannier on the Spesh.

The last time I rode the Spesh to commute I hated it but I didn't mind it at all this morning, maybe because I've been spending quite a bit of time on it in the last couple of weeks, I just focussed on keeping moving rather than breaking any records. It took me about 1:04 which is only a little longer than it would've taken on the road bike.

I put the SPD cleats onto my old shoes last night and remembered about the tension screw on the SPD pedal this morning and backed it off a few turns. I really do prefer my egg beaters, none of this faffing with tension crap. I think the cleats are in the wrong position, need moving a bit further back. I hope I get away with riding the SPDs as I find them very restrictive in a way that Eggs aren't, my knees might take umbridge and I do not under any circumstances want a recurrance of my knee problem.

Ride home was surprisingly ok, even with the addition of extra laptop weight. It was nice just getting my bike out of the cupboard downstairs and heading straight out. I did notice that the left side of the bike was more heavily loaded but it wasn't affecting the handling, or the speed that much either. My commute is generally flat but any incline was noticeable, there was a definite drag effect with the extra weight.

It took 1:09 to get home, I'm about the same on my road bike to be honest on the way home. I also have a different riding style on the Spesh, the roadie just encourages you to go for it and push hard whereas on the Spesh its just a case of keep moving. Its like being in a supertanker rather than a speedboat. Hopefully the laptop will survive and I am considering riding both ways with it on Tuesday, weather depending (though just realised I'm on call until Sunday morning so if I want to commute next week I'll have to cycle both ways with it!).

I feel less knackered trundling on a heavy bike than I normally do on the roadbike, the line between comfortable and flogging myself to death is quite fine I think.

After the ride home I know the cleats definitely need to be moved further back and the saddle raising possibly.

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