Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Commute to Work - Forgetting Things

Commuted again on the Spesh, this time I had to take the laptop both ways. It was a gorgeous morning but pretty brrrr! I was freezing in the tramway section. I took it really steady as no point hurrying with the pannier loaded, I forgot occasionally and tried to dart out of a couple of junctions - no darting more like lumbering!

The combination of temperature and sensible pace meant I didn't arrive at work in my usual sweaty mess, which is just as well as it turns out I forgot to pack my towel or hair turban thing!! What an idiot, I packed it all the night before as well. I do that to make sure I don't forget things as I've forgotten knickers in the past. I realised just as I was about to step into the shower.

I had a quick wash in the sink and as I had washed my hair last night after running I decided I would get away with it, which I did. Then to cap it all I had packed a pair of Jez's black socks rather than my own. They were miles too big for me, my trousers hid most of it but I there was evidence of the Nora Batty effect. All other clothes present and correct thank god.

I haven't forgotten anything for absolutely ages, obviously getting complacent.

Ride home was just as steady though I had to fight a headwind coming into Preston, on the roadbike I would get into the drops just have at it but on the Spesh that isn't an option so I just dropped the gears and kept the effort the same and again arrived home pretty relaxed. I could get to like this taking it steady lark!

Laptop appears to have survived, so far.

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