Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well, what can I say, what the hell happened to August and my activity level!!!!!! I've been quite a lazy moo to be honest and I quite enjoyed it! It was always going to be disrupted as we had a lot on in August with various weddings, birthday parties and associated hangovers to contend with but I'm up for doing something now! My bike mojo seems to have come back, I'm in love with my bikes again - all four of them. I even rode my Specialized tank "utility bike" on Sunday and I even enjoyed that, in the drizzle. It was my first shopping trip on it, more on that

My running mojo is still MIA but I think that's not helped by my grumpy psoas muscle. I did a three offroad runs over the month and I had the same problem I had when I started offroad running. I think it is the contrast between cycling (and sitting on my arse!) and running dowhill/faster. The cycling position shortens it and downhill running in particular really stretches it out. The first dodgy run was on the 18th of August and it showed up within the first half mile of course I continued to do another 6 or so very hilly miles and its been grumpy ever since. I tried again on the 22nd and it took a while longer to complain but I think that was because the first four miles are basically uphill. By the time I had finished the boggy descent off Great Hill it was very unhappy and I had to effectively jog back to the car as it was very, very tight. I was actually worried that something was about to tear but in hindsight doing a 7 mile offroad run with a dodgy hip was not one of my most sensible decisions.

I decided to take it easy until the Derwentwater Trail Race as I know I can get round that in the time limit.

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