Friday, August 1, 2008

Wednesday 30th July: Sacrificial Offroad Ride

Hurrah some bike time! The reason I have described this ride is sacrificial is that it was something that had to be gotten out of the way rather than enjoyed - sacrificed on the altar of my (and Jez's) return to fitness, much like yesterdays run was really. It was a case of reminding my body what it is like to ride a bike. It wasn't pretty and it wasn't really that enjoyable but it was needed.

In the end only Jez and I headed out and we took it pretty easy (and cut it short, lazy sods). It took a while for me to get into it, my heart rate climbed high early on and kind of stayed there, which is what I was expecting and it made everything seem hard work. I also hit 190 which isn't territory I visit very often thankfully. My bike handling skills were still ok and on the few occasions I did mess things up I managed to wrestle the bike back to where I wanted it, though as I was on the Titus I was being let off relatively easy. It was quite soft and weton some tracks to we decided against the track round the back and took the swoopy path back to the ford at the bottom of Mill Lane. The rough Mill Lane is one of my favourite descents but it is generally always wet, even on the driest of days and I hadn't brought my glasses. I have almost come off my bike on that descent in the past due to the amount of water and crap that ended up in my eyes due to lack of glasses. I enjoyed the change of whizzing down the smoth track and we headed back on the cheeky path through the woods .

It ended up being just under 9 miles which is pathetic really but hopefully things should improve now.

It looks like the bearings on the Titus swingarm are not long for this world, will need to get on Fattreads website or give them a ring to get some more. I need to get Jez to take a look at the bottom bracket too as I think its a bit grindy, kerching!

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