Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday 2nd July: Chorley Harriers 4 Mile Race 3

Race Time: 31.37

Cycle Distance: 14.56 miles

Ouch, is all I can say.

I decided to ride there and back as it was a nice evening and to get some more bike miles in. Of course it absolutely lashed down with rain around 6pm. I had decided I would want to leave around 6.30 to give me time to cycle there, get shoes swapped etc and get myself into running mode ready for the 7.30 start, it didn't quite work out like that. As the rain was chucking down I did some preparation just in case it stopped in time. I got lights together for the bike (in case it was murky on the way home) and the water bottle and dragged out the various bits of kit I would need. I also improvised a lock as I still can't find the cable lock that was lying under the chair in the lounge for weeks but was then tidied away when Jez's family descended on us. At 6.20 pm I considered myself "ready" and at about 6.25 ish the rain stopped and the sun came out. It looked like it had passed completely so I decided to cycle there after all. After thinking I was ready I found out I wasn't really, I'd assembled my kit but not actually put any of it on or attached my number to my vest (managed to pin the whole ensemble to the duvet, muppet) or even packed my bag. Twenty minutes just seemed to vanish before I was getting the bike out of the garage, I set the Garmin into bike mode after finally RTFMing to find out how the multisport option worked, I wanted separate splits etc rather than one big amalgam of data. I think it was just after 6.45 when I set off without hitting the start on the Garmin timer.

I felt pretty tired just setting off on the bike and as I was late I was trying to make up some time, I noticed the Garmin wasn't recording at Bamber Bridge and started up the hill from the M6 junction far too fast, then remembered and backed off but it took me a while to recover which wasn't a good sign. It was weird doing this commute route again as I used to do it several times a week when I worked in Euxton, it has a few more traffic lights to contend with now but it still essentially unchanged. I rolled into the finish area where I would lock up my bike at 7:19, ooooopppppssss! That gave me about 10 minutes to lock bike, get changed, have a bit of a warmup then run to the start line. Another 5 minutes seemed to vanish as I faff then I do a little warmup and legs are all over the place from cycling then I have no choice but to head to the start line. The run down to the start line perks my legs up a bit but I could have done with a bit more easy jogging.

As usual the start is prompt and we're off. I try even harder than last time not to be left behind and I succeed for a while but I really just can't get into it, it hurts and not in an enjoyable way. After about 2 miles I could have quite happily stopped but I hang on getting slower, I have lost touch with other runners at this point but then Johnny Mac bounds past me and I keep him in sight which helps, there was no way I was going to catch him but I think I would have slowed down even further if he hadn't been in front. I came in one second slower than last month annoyingly but I was just pleased to finish at all. I still had to ride home though, another 5 minute faff while I got all my riding kit together and I was off. It was a quick spin to the bottom of the climb up to the hospital where it started hurting, I dropped into an easy gear and crawled to the top, I knew there weren't many climbs after this thankfully. I was able to push quite well unless there was any sort of up but I did really enjoy the ride home.

My splits from the race tell their own story, I started fast but couldn't hold it, though I don't think I started excessively fast. My heart rate stayed high for the whole run but having cycled there I coped ok with it. The multisport changing actually worked ok so I had separate stuff for the bike and running.

Distance: 4.01m
Time taken: 00:31:39
Average/Max Speed : 7.59mph / 9.51mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:07:54 / 00:06:18
Average/Max heart rate: 179/185
Calories used: 444
19:29:42 1.00m 00:07:40 7.82mph 9.14mph 176bpm 181bpm
19:37:24 1.00m 00:07:53 7.61mph 8.94mph 179bpm 182bpm
19:45:16 1.00m 00:07:59 7.51mph 8.85mph 180bpm 182bpm
19:53:16 1.00m 00:08:03 7.44mph 9.51mph 181bpm 185bpm
20:01:20 0.01m 00:00:03 6.70mph 8.49mph 184bpm 184bpm

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