Friday, July 18, 2008

Wednesday 15th July: Offroad Run

Distance: 6.01 Miles Time: 1:02:28

I really wanted to get out on a bike tonight but the wind was just stupid, it seems to have just blown a hoolie for the whole of July and I'm fed up with it (stamps foot petulantly), in some ways I've been glad I've been ill as its given me a good reason not to go out in it. I didn't want to run down the tramway but at the same time I didn't think it would be brilliant heading up onto the hills - I'm still in take it easy phase. I got the map out and decided I was going to head to White Coppice and run around Anglezarke, with a bit of a detour around the Nab. I figured it would be reasonably sheltered, undulating rather than hilly and at 7 miles a decent length without being too silly. If I was tired I could always miss out the Nab anyway. I chucked my kit in the car, just shoes and stuff, no rucksack or anything else.

As I arrive at WC there are loads of cars everywhere and I was worried about getting parked but it was ok up towards the cricket ground. As I drove past I saw signs for a garden which had been opened to the public for a day or something. My curiosity was piqued, there are some posh houses round WC and I felt like being nosy. I ignored it all and get ready to run and realised I didn't have my Shuffle. If it had been a solo road run I was about to embark on I would've been very annoyed but as it was offroad I don't mind so much, I switch it off a lot to enjoy the silence anyway. Its quite sheltered in WC and as I was lacing up my trainers I had the first wavering about my choice of route, it looked lovely up toward Great Hill......I set off towards the cricket ground and broke into a jog. I got to the ground cricketers were out again,, past the hut (or pavilion if you like) and then I jogged through the gate where I had a major indecision moment - turn right towards Anglezarke or left towards Brinscall and ultimately Great Hill, I chose the latter. I set up the short climb to the undulating track, I felt quite good.

Considering all the rain lately the track was in pretty good condition, one good thing about the wind I suppose. I really enjoyed whizzing along here, deliberately trying to get the lungs and legs working a bit. I ran the slog of a climb quite well then popped out at the motorway path where I met a MTBer about to head up to Great Hill. I set off first and it took him a while to catch me, in fact he didn't until the long flat section. It wasn't until I started running that I realised exactly how slow I sometimes climb on my MTB, I can pretty much run a similar pace. I caught up with him at Drinkwaters as he had another map check and I continued up the last kick of a climb to the top. A quick look around as visibility was good then I turned to run down, straight into the wind! I was going to head back to WC across the moor track which I was expecting to be boggy as hell. There is generally enough of a gradient for most of this descent to offset a bit of the wind but not always. I tried to run a bit too fast down the top section so calmed down a bit ready for the unsurfaced path which was surprisingly dry. There were one or two soft spots but in general it was perfect for running on. I really enjoyed the run all the way back to WC and the car, I was grinning all the way -much more like it!

Another rest day tomorrow, won't go to the club as I may end up working too hard when with other people.


Distance: 6.02m

Time taken: 01:02:28

Average/Max Speed : 5.78mph / 9.68mph

Average/Min Pace : 00:10:23 / 00:06:11

Average/Max heart rate: 162/180

Calories used: 641

18:36:17 1.00m 00:10:21 5.79mph 7.92mph 146bpm 166bpm

18:48:45 1.00m 00:12:55 4.64mph 8.10mph 158bpm 171bpm

19:03:23 1.00m 00:09:59 6.01mph 7.42mph 167bpm 173bpm

19:13:22 1.00m 00:11:06 5.40mph 8.43mph 170bpm 180bpm

19:25:29 1.00m 00:08:26 7.11mph 9.68mph 171bpm 178bpm

19:34:10 1.00m 00:09:28 6.33mph 8.62mph 163bpm 172bpm

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