Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday 29th July 2008 - Short Road Run

Distance: About 4 miles

Chuffin' hell, this month has been a wash out as far as cycling or running is concerned. I was still struggling last week and had decided to rest up completely for a few days as we were due to attend a wedding on Saturday then drive over to Grange-over-Sands to meet up with Mel for a few days on Sunday. As it was it didn't quite work out like that due to my numptiness however I did rest up. Having too much beer at the wedding helped and it was too hot for me on Monday evening anyway (lack of motivation didn't help).

I decided I was definitely going running yesterday. It lashed down on the way home from work but I still got all my kit on then faffed for about and hour as it rained again. I did manage to organise tea and speak to Mel in this time but could have done with getting out earlier. The rain had stopped for a while when I got out and it had freshened up nicely. I decided to pick a loop which was quite easy - Brownedge Road, Leyland Road, cut down the field to the Penwortham playing fields, over the embankment and back along the tramway. My legs felt like lead for a while but I was running well (strong tailwind as it would turn out), really enjoyed it all the way until running back in the headwind along the tramway and it started raining heavily again. It wouldn't have been too bad if a couple of very large raindrops hadn't hit my eyeball (really hurt). I got pretty soaked in the last mile and the headwind was surprisingly strong, still good to get out.

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  1. It is really windy and hot out there at the moment, makes anything hard work. Glad you are feeling better.