Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday 22nd July: Lunchtime Run

I had intended on going out in the evening offroad but then remembered last night I had an appointment with Alan for a sports massage this evening, not that I'll need much doing after being ill. The forecast was for a sunny day so I decided to take my kit to work and run at lunchtime, which is something I used to do a lot but kind of stopped once I joined the Harriers and ran more in the evenings. It would be a good change from the norm as St Annes is pan flat and on a nice day running along the sea front is really pleasant. It turned out grey and drizzly in St Annes and didn't brighten up before I was due to run, it looked cold and I'd brought a sleeveless top. Once changed I walked to the main gate and was shivering a bit. I decided to run north towards Blackpool on the streets then head to the sea front and follow that down to Fairhaven Lake then head back to work, should be about six miles or so.

I set off into the wind and drizzle just heading north, it doesn't take me long to get fed up with the constant disruption of street junctions, I'd forgotten about this, its not until actually on the prom that I can get any sort of decent spell of uninterrupted running. I keep heading north on long St Annes streets until I reach a street running perpendicular then turn for the sea front, now I'm really in the wind though at least te drizzle has stopped! I decide to pop up on the little dunes for a look see trying not to get too much sand in my shoes. The tide is out and there looks to be some nice flat sand, I know it gets quite "muddy" further round so I decided to run on the beach until just after the pier then pop up back on the prom. The sand is reasonably firm but it is still quite slow going but at least the wind is diagonally behind me now. There are one or two hardy souls on this part of the beach, its not really that cold (now that I'm running). I pass under the pier and there are loads of people on this part of the beach, lots of those little tenty things everywhere. I have a look up at the pier and there is a sign which says that you are not supposed to go climb on or pass under the pier, I didn't see one on the other side, hey ho.

I can see the nice sand strip narrows a lot further on so I climb up off the beach and onto the prom. There is a pool thing near the lifeboat station and there are some kids inside large inflatable ball things floating on the pool. They looked great fun, one of the kids was running in it like a hamster on a wheel, far more fun that going back to work. I keep running down towards Ansdell enjoying having the wind behind me but I'd forgotten how long a stretch this was. I could see the whole way down Clifton Drive and it seemed to take ages to make any progress. I got to Fairhaven Lake eventually then headed back to work, which meant heading north again and into the wind. I took the footpath that cuts through Royal Lytham golf course, surprisingly few golfers around for a change so no worries about getting hit by a stray ball. I jogged the last mile or so back to work. I actually quite enjoyed it as it is so completely different to the runs I have been doing lately, though I can see why I was getting bored of it last autumn.

Distance: 6.27m
Time taken: 00:55:49
Average/Max Speed : 6.74mph / 8.25mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:08:54 / 00:07:16
Average/Max heart rate: 160/175
Calories used: 683
12:24:15 1.00m 00:08:52 6.76mph 7.82mph 152bpm 167bpm1
2:33:08 1.00m 00:09:17 6.46mph 7.88mph 154bpm 175bpm
12:43:48 1.00m 00:08:54 6.73mph 7.92mph 162bpm 171bpm
12:54:07 1.00m 00:08:18 7.23mph 8.19mph 166bpm 173bpm
13:03:09 1.00m 00:08:57 6.69mph 8.25mph 163bpm 171bpm
13:12:41 1.00m 00:09:01 6.65mph 7.89mph 166bpm 171bpm
13:22:15 0.27m 00:02:26 6.67mph 7.93mph 169bpm 172bpm

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