Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday 1st July 2008: Cycle Commute

Its July already, how did that happen! The plan today was to do high cadence and easy riding in and push it a little on the way home. I felt tired when I set off as I didn't sleep that well last night and kept to the the take it easy plan but I soon woke up and started pushing it. The wind was behind me for a change on the way in so I took adavantage, I will probably be taking it easy on the way home instead. It was a beautiful morning, warm and I didn't need the gillet I was wearing really. I got to work in just over an hour, so much for taking it easy. The ride home was slower as I was into the wind, particularly at the LSA end though I pushed hard along the marsh road and tried to get a sub 3 minute mile, which I did and was chuffed about (though looking at the splits I managed one this morning as well!). The part through town was very slow as well and I arrived home in 1:08. A really enjoyable commute, still really loving the road bike at the minute - a worrying trend for an MTBer.

AM Splits and Summary:

Distance: 17.29m
Time taken: 01:00:54
Average/Max Speed : 17.03mph / 22.92mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:03:31 / 00:02:37
Average/Max heart rate: 147/168
Calories used: 1042
07:13:51 1.00m 00:04:40 12.86mph 22.45mph 125bpm 147bpm
07:21:36 1.00m 00:03:15 18.43mph 21.15mph 141bpm 151bpm
07:24:52 1.00m 00:03:30 17.08mph 21.25mph 150bpm 156bpm
07:28:22 1.00m 00:03:38 16.51mph 21.60mph 150bpm 165bpm
07:32:00 1.00m 00:03:45 15.96mph 20.76mph 147bpm 162bpm
07:35:46 1.00m 00:03:13 18.64mph 22.03mph 160bpm 168bpm
07:38:59 1.00m 00:03:17 18.23mph 22.19mph 161bpm 168bpm
07:42:17 1.00m 00:03:03 19.60mph 22.92mph 149bpm 161bpm
07:45:20 1.00m 00:02:49 21.29mph 22.48mph 163bpm 167bpm
07:48:09 1.00m 00:03:12 18.75mph 21.18mph 164bpm 168bpm
07:51:21 1.00m 00:03:17 18.19mph 22.03mph 159bpm 164bpm
07:54:39 1.00m 00:03:27 17.38mph 21.81mph 142bpm 155bpm
07:58:07 1.00m 00:03:07 19.22mph 20.56mph 153bpm 156bpm
08:01:14 1.00m 00:03:24 17.61mph 20.69mph 153bpm 160bpm
08:04:38 1.00m 00:04:12 14.28mph 18.88mph 137bpm 150bpm
08:08:50 1.00m 00:04:36 13.02mph 20.72mph 139bpm 161bpm
08:13:27 1.00m 00:03:11 18.85mph 20.39mph 143bpm 151bpm
08:16:38 0.28m 00:01:12 13.91mph 19.83mph 143bpm 151bpm

PM Splits and Summary:

Distance: 17.75mTime taken: 01:08:03
Average/Max Speed : 15.65mph / 25.78mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:03:50 / 00:02:19
Average/Max heart rate: 142/172
Calories used: 1266
16:58:18 1.00m 00:04:35 13.05mph 18.17mph 117bpm 143bpm
17:03:07 1.00m 00:03:45 15.96mph 17.18mph 138bpm 147bpm
17:06:53 1.00m 00:03:37 16.54mph 19.88mph 138bpm 146bpm
17:10:31 1.00m 00:04:06 14.58mph 19.52mph 134bpm 151bpm
17:14:38 1.00m 00:03:07 19.22mph 20.37mph 146bpm 157bpm
17:17:45 1.00m 00:03:17 18.22mph 20.04mph 150bpm 153bpm
17:21:03 1.00m 00:03:52 15.50mph 20.65mph 144bpm 158bpm
17:24:55 1.00m 00:03:02 19.75mph 25.78mph 154bpm 162bpm
17:27:57 1.00m 00:02:43 22.05mph 24.55mph 168bpm 172bpm
17:30:42 1.00m 00:03:10 18.86mph 22.64mph 163bpm 172bpm
17:33:51 1.00m 00:04:40 12.86mph 18.08mph 148bpm 163bpm
17:38:32 1.00m 00:03:19 18.03mph 23.95mph 150bpm 162bpm
17:41:51 1.00m 00:03:50 15.63mph 20.42mph 146bpm 157bpm
17:45:42 1.00m 00:04:47 12.52mph 19.20mph 131bpm 147bpm
17:50:30 1.00m 00:04:50 12.40mph 18.86mph 132bpm 146bpm
17:55:20 1.00m 00:03:30 17.09mph 24.51mph 143bpm 151bpm
17:58:50 1.00m 00:04:05 14.68mph 21.18mph 154bpm 166bpm
18:02:56 0.74m 00:03:38 12.20mph 17.51mph 140bpm 152bpm

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