Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Friday 4th July: Off Road Run

Distance: 10.13 miles Time: 1:43 Av Speed: 10:14 Av Hr: 154

It was a little warm when I parked up, about 20 degrees according to the car. I decided to do the "easy" loop I'd checked out last time and headed off along the Goit, there was a cricket match in full swing so I kept an eye out for any stray cricket balls. I quite quickly became aware that my digestion wasn't happy, I felt bloated and uncomfortable and the heat wasn't helping. I have described this route as easy as it avoids the climb up onto Great Hill from White Coppice however I still have to do the same climb, just further along, I fully appreciated it now as I wasn't haveing to stop and check the map all the time. I eventually got onto the motorway path and was able to run a steady pace. I was still feeling very under the weather and was having to stop a few times to stop myself from feeling sick. I got to the top and still had a gel and I would be in need of fuel the headed out over the flagged path. The ground at either side of the flags was pretty boggy this time and I was wondering what it would be like at Spitler's Edge when the flags ran out....

The fluffy white things were still blowing in the breeze though I hadn't taken any camera with me to cut down on the faff factor. Once I got to Spitlers it was generally springy though I did find a few very soft bits, that section is going to be very interesting when it gets properly wet. I took the path off to LMC before reaching the road then picked up the fireroad track all the way to LMC. Downhill running was painful due to my stomach which was really annoying me. I ran to the Anglezarke car park just in time to see a van clip a stout wooden post and remove part of its front bumper, the driver looked pretty sheepish - it was a works van. The run along here was quick due to no map faff then I was on the path to White Coppice.

It is a nice loop but my digestion problems really slowed me down. I also managed to stop the Garmin for a while along the top.

Distance: 10.13m
Time taken: 01:43:45
Average/Max Speed : 5.85mph / 10.75mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:10:14 / 00:05:35
Average/Max heart rate: 154/176
Calories used: 1071
18:00:28 1.00m 00:11:21 5.28mph 9.29mph 142bpm 172bpm
18:16:01 1.00m 00:11:36 5.17mph 7.97mph 162bpm 173bpm
18:29:17 1.00m 00:09:56 6.04mph 7.70mph 156bpm 168bpm
18:44:03 1.00m 00:10:59 5.46mph 7.94mph 167bpm 176bpm
18:58:58 1.00m 00:11:05 5.41mph 7.47mph 156bpm 176bpm
19:20:13 1.00m 00:08:58 6.69mph 9.32mph 148bpm 162bpm
19:31:35 1.00m 00:08:26 7.11mph 10.75mph 150bpm 166bpm
19:41:18 1.00m 00:08:57 6.70mph 9.67mph 151bpm 160bpm
19:51:56 1.00m 00:10:56 5.48mph 7.91mph 154bpm 167bpm
20:03:49 1.00m 00:10:23 5.77mph 8.09mph 159bpm 167bpm
20:14:58 0.13m 00:01:05 6.92mph 9.00mph 161bpm 162bpm

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  1. Sounds a good run! Hope you feel better soon.