Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friday 18th July: Offroad Run

Another rubbish day, windy and wet. I got out for another offroad run. As I hadn't been out of Abbey Village for a while I headed there. I actually parked up at Ryal Fold in the end rather than the village but close enough. I wanted to run up the long drag to the tower, last time I tried it I found it ok apart from a touch of cramp half way up. As I got out the car to get ready it properly rained and I couldn't see the top of the hill as it was in cloud, oh lovely. At least it wasn't that cold. I decided to run up the cobbly track from Ryal Fold then make my way to the bottom of the drag then head to the Tower at that point I would decided where to go next based on how I felt.

The cobbly track was actually masquerading as a stream, water was just running down it, thankfully very shallow so my feet stayed reasonably dry. I got to the top, its not a difficult climb but is a bit of a rude awakening straight out the car. I followed the wide track round and down until I got onto tarmac, I got about two strides in and I felt something twang around my right heel, bloody tarmac! I changed plan and decided to run round the small res, the track would likely be soft but should help my feet out. The track was generally quite firm but the grassy stuff along side it was very wet, by the time I'd gotten to the end of this track my feet were sopping, my shorts were sopping (some of the grass was tall) and I'd been over my ankles in mud about three times. My trainers felt like they'd doubled in weight.

At the bottom of the climb I wondered about going up the steep side but then headed up the longer climb instead, which was also a stream. I ran it all with no problems, though not as strongly as I did last time, not surprising with being ill though. I got to the top and couldn't see the tower, glad I know these tracks quite well, its quite disorienting ony being able to see the inside of a cloud. I headed along the track towards the Tower and all of a sudden it loomed out of the murk, I wished I had my camera as it was quite atmospheric really. The view from the tower was non-existent. I decided to run round the rutty track to see what damage the water was doing to it, it really was flowing fast, cutting deeper channels. A few more bog hops and I pop out onto one of the wider tracks and climb back up. As I couldn't see very far ahead this climb seemed over with very quickly and there are a couple of very ominous looking puddles now, will be going round them on the bike or getting someone else to ride through them first!

I stayed on the path over to cartridge hill and half way down the other side taking the grassy track to the farm, which was very soft. A bit of a jog along a nice flat section then backdown the cobbly stream/track to the car. I had a few slipping moments on it as it was so wet.

Another good offroad run but I so need to get out on a bike. I managed to stop the Garmin again, don't know why I just don't leave the autopause to get on with it., it was just over 6 miles again really according to Memory Map.

Distance: 5.47m
Time taken: 00:54:55
Average/Max Speed : 5.97mph / 8.94mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:10:02 / 00:06:42
Average/Max heart rate: 157/176
Calories used: 574
18:17:29 1.00m 00:09:56 6.03mph 8.85mph 149bpm 163bpm
18:29:45 1.00m 00:10:50 5.53mph 7.98mph 155bpm 174bpm
18:48:08 1.00m 00:10:02 5.98mph 8.94mph 164bpm 176bpm
19:00:44 1.00m 00:10:49 5.54mph 8.09mph 160bpm 173bpm
19:13:38 1.00m 00:09:36 6.24mph 8.89mph 155bpm 170bpm
19:29:16 0.47m 00:03:39 7.71mph 8.85mph 164bpm 171bpm

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