Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday 29th July 2008 - Short Road Run

Distance: About 4 miles

Chuffin' hell, this month has been a wash out as far as cycling or running is concerned. I was still struggling last week and had decided to rest up completely for a few days as we were due to attend a wedding on Saturday then drive over to Grange-over-Sands to meet up with Mel for a few days on Sunday. As it was it didn't quite work out like that due to my numptiness however I did rest up. Having too much beer at the wedding helped and it was too hot for me on Monday evening anyway (lack of motivation didn't help).

I decided I was definitely going running yesterday. It lashed down on the way home from work but I still got all my kit on then faffed for about and hour as it rained again. I did manage to organise tea and speak to Mel in this time but could have done with getting out earlier. The rain had stopped for a while when I got out and it had freshened up nicely. I decided to pick a loop which was quite easy - Brownedge Road, Leyland Road, cut down the field to the Penwortham playing fields, over the embankment and back along the tramway. My legs felt like lead for a while but I was running well (strong tailwind as it would turn out), really enjoyed it all the way until running back in the headwind along the tramway and it started raining heavily again. It wouldn't have been too bad if a couple of very large raindrops hadn't hit my eyeball (really hurt). I got pretty soaked in the last mile and the headwind was surprisingly strong, still good to get out.

Pendle Pedal, no more...

I decided last week not to do this as I just haven't gotten over being ill as well as I would have liked, spent next to no time on a bike anyway. The decision did seem to lift a bit of pressure so I think it was the right thing to do.

.......and anyway I appear to have double booked myself. I though Mel and the girls were down Sat 26th - Tue 29th July when it would actually transpire it is from Tues 29th to late on Sat 2nd. I completely misheard the dates when we were discussing it to the point that Jez and I had sorted out leave for Monday and Tuesday which had to be rearranged. I have managed to move my leave to Thursday and Friday however Jez can only get Friday afternoon off as he has just come back from Oz and had told everyone at work he would be available from Wednesday - meetings ahoy that he can't get out of. Ooopsadaisy!

On reflection with Mel, the girls (including one slightly stroppy 14 year old) and Leslie he's probably better off out of it until Friday night anyway, too much of a girliefest for hime.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday 22nd July: Lunchtime Run

I had intended on going out in the evening offroad but then remembered last night I had an appointment with Alan for a sports massage this evening, not that I'll need much doing after being ill. The forecast was for a sunny day so I decided to take my kit to work and run at lunchtime, which is something I used to do a lot but kind of stopped once I joined the Harriers and ran more in the evenings. It would be a good change from the norm as St Annes is pan flat and on a nice day running along the sea front is really pleasant. It turned out grey and drizzly in St Annes and didn't brighten up before I was due to run, it looked cold and I'd brought a sleeveless top. Once changed I walked to the main gate and was shivering a bit. I decided to run north towards Blackpool on the streets then head to the sea front and follow that down to Fairhaven Lake then head back to work, should be about six miles or so.

I set off into the wind and drizzle just heading north, it doesn't take me long to get fed up with the constant disruption of street junctions, I'd forgotten about this, its not until actually on the prom that I can get any sort of decent spell of uninterrupted running. I keep heading north on long St Annes streets until I reach a street running perpendicular then turn for the sea front, now I'm really in the wind though at least te drizzle has stopped! I decide to pop up on the little dunes for a look see trying not to get too much sand in my shoes. The tide is out and there looks to be some nice flat sand, I know it gets quite "muddy" further round so I decided to run on the beach until just after the pier then pop up back on the prom. The sand is reasonably firm but it is still quite slow going but at least the wind is diagonally behind me now. There are one or two hardy souls on this part of the beach, its not really that cold (now that I'm running). I pass under the pier and there are loads of people on this part of the beach, lots of those little tenty things everywhere. I have a look up at the pier and there is a sign which says that you are not supposed to go climb on or pass under the pier, I didn't see one on the other side, hey ho.

I can see the nice sand strip narrows a lot further on so I climb up off the beach and onto the prom. There is a pool thing near the lifeboat station and there are some kids inside large inflatable ball things floating on the pool. They looked great fun, one of the kids was running in it like a hamster on a wheel, far more fun that going back to work. I keep running down towards Ansdell enjoying having the wind behind me but I'd forgotten how long a stretch this was. I could see the whole way down Clifton Drive and it seemed to take ages to make any progress. I got to Fairhaven Lake eventually then headed back to work, which meant heading north again and into the wind. I took the footpath that cuts through Royal Lytham golf course, surprisingly few golfers around for a change so no worries about getting hit by a stray ball. I jogged the last mile or so back to work. I actually quite enjoyed it as it is so completely different to the runs I have been doing lately, though I can see why I was getting bored of it last autumn.

Distance: 6.27m
Time taken: 00:55:49
Average/Max Speed : 6.74mph / 8.25mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:08:54 / 00:07:16
Average/Max heart rate: 160/175
Calories used: 683
12:24:15 1.00m 00:08:52 6.76mph 7.82mph 152bpm 167bpm1
2:33:08 1.00m 00:09:17 6.46mph 7.88mph 154bpm 175bpm
12:43:48 1.00m 00:08:54 6.73mph 7.92mph 162bpm 171bpm
12:54:07 1.00m 00:08:18 7.23mph 8.19mph 166bpm 173bpm
13:03:09 1.00m 00:08:57 6.69mph 8.25mph 163bpm 171bpm
13:12:41 1.00m 00:09:01 6.65mph 7.89mph 166bpm 171bpm
13:22:15 0.27m 00:02:26 6.67mph 7.93mph 169bpm 172bpm

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friday 18th July: Offroad Run

Another rubbish day, windy and wet. I got out for another offroad run. As I hadn't been out of Abbey Village for a while I headed there. I actually parked up at Ryal Fold in the end rather than the village but close enough. I wanted to run up the long drag to the tower, last time I tried it I found it ok apart from a touch of cramp half way up. As I got out the car to get ready it properly rained and I couldn't see the top of the hill as it was in cloud, oh lovely. At least it wasn't that cold. I decided to run up the cobbly track from Ryal Fold then make my way to the bottom of the drag then head to the Tower at that point I would decided where to go next based on how I felt.

The cobbly track was actually masquerading as a stream, water was just running down it, thankfully very shallow so my feet stayed reasonably dry. I got to the top, its not a difficult climb but is a bit of a rude awakening straight out the car. I followed the wide track round and down until I got onto tarmac, I got about two strides in and I felt something twang around my right heel, bloody tarmac! I changed plan and decided to run round the small res, the track would likely be soft but should help my feet out. The track was generally quite firm but the grassy stuff along side it was very wet, by the time I'd gotten to the end of this track my feet were sopping, my shorts were sopping (some of the grass was tall) and I'd been over my ankles in mud about three times. My trainers felt like they'd doubled in weight.

At the bottom of the climb I wondered about going up the steep side but then headed up the longer climb instead, which was also a stream. I ran it all with no problems, though not as strongly as I did last time, not surprising with being ill though. I got to the top and couldn't see the tower, glad I know these tracks quite well, its quite disorienting ony being able to see the inside of a cloud. I headed along the track towards the Tower and all of a sudden it loomed out of the murk, I wished I had my camera as it was quite atmospheric really. The view from the tower was non-existent. I decided to run round the rutty track to see what damage the water was doing to it, it really was flowing fast, cutting deeper channels. A few more bog hops and I pop out onto one of the wider tracks and climb back up. As I couldn't see very far ahead this climb seemed over with very quickly and there are a couple of very ominous looking puddles now, will be going round them on the bike or getting someone else to ride through them first!

I stayed on the path over to cartridge hill and half way down the other side taking the grassy track to the farm, which was very soft. A bit of a jog along a nice flat section then backdown the cobbly stream/track to the car. I had a few slipping moments on it as it was so wet.

Another good offroad run but I so need to get out on a bike. I managed to stop the Garmin again, don't know why I just don't leave the autopause to get on with it., it was just over 6 miles again really according to Memory Map.

Distance: 5.47m
Time taken: 00:54:55
Average/Max Speed : 5.97mph / 8.94mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:10:02 / 00:06:42
Average/Max heart rate: 157/176
Calories used: 574
18:17:29 1.00m 00:09:56 6.03mph 8.85mph 149bpm 163bpm
18:29:45 1.00m 00:10:50 5.53mph 7.98mph 155bpm 174bpm
18:48:08 1.00m 00:10:02 5.98mph 8.94mph 164bpm 176bpm
19:00:44 1.00m 00:10:49 5.54mph 8.09mph 160bpm 173bpm
19:13:38 1.00m 00:09:36 6.24mph 8.89mph 155bpm 170bpm
19:29:16 0.47m 00:03:39 7.71mph 8.85mph 164bpm 171bpm

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wednesday 15th July: Offroad Run

Distance: 6.01 Miles Time: 1:02:28

I really wanted to get out on a bike tonight but the wind was just stupid, it seems to have just blown a hoolie for the whole of July and I'm fed up with it (stamps foot petulantly), in some ways I've been glad I've been ill as its given me a good reason not to go out in it. I didn't want to run down the tramway but at the same time I didn't think it would be brilliant heading up onto the hills - I'm still in take it easy phase. I got the map out and decided I was going to head to White Coppice and run around Anglezarke, with a bit of a detour around the Nab. I figured it would be reasonably sheltered, undulating rather than hilly and at 7 miles a decent length without being too silly. If I was tired I could always miss out the Nab anyway. I chucked my kit in the car, just shoes and stuff, no rucksack or anything else.

As I arrive at WC there are loads of cars everywhere and I was worried about getting parked but it was ok up towards the cricket ground. As I drove past I saw signs for a garden which had been opened to the public for a day or something. My curiosity was piqued, there are some posh houses round WC and I felt like being nosy. I ignored it all and get ready to run and realised I didn't have my Shuffle. If it had been a solo road run I was about to embark on I would've been very annoyed but as it was offroad I don't mind so much, I switch it off a lot to enjoy the silence anyway. Its quite sheltered in WC and as I was lacing up my trainers I had the first wavering about my choice of route, it looked lovely up toward Great Hill......I set off towards the cricket ground and broke into a jog. I got to the ground cricketers were out again,, past the hut (or pavilion if you like) and then I jogged through the gate where I had a major indecision moment - turn right towards Anglezarke or left towards Brinscall and ultimately Great Hill, I chose the latter. I set up the short climb to the undulating track, I felt quite good.

Considering all the rain lately the track was in pretty good condition, one good thing about the wind I suppose. I really enjoyed whizzing along here, deliberately trying to get the lungs and legs working a bit. I ran the slog of a climb quite well then popped out at the motorway path where I met a MTBer about to head up to Great Hill. I set off first and it took him a while to catch me, in fact he didn't until the long flat section. It wasn't until I started running that I realised exactly how slow I sometimes climb on my MTB, I can pretty much run a similar pace. I caught up with him at Drinkwaters as he had another map check and I continued up the last kick of a climb to the top. A quick look around as visibility was good then I turned to run down, straight into the wind! I was going to head back to WC across the moor track which I was expecting to be boggy as hell. There is generally enough of a gradient for most of this descent to offset a bit of the wind but not always. I tried to run a bit too fast down the top section so calmed down a bit ready for the unsurfaced path which was surprisingly dry. There were one or two soft spots but in general it was perfect for running on. I really enjoyed the run all the way back to WC and the car, I was grinning all the way -much more like it!

Another rest day tomorrow, won't go to the club as I may end up working too hard when with other people.


Distance: 6.02m

Time taken: 01:02:28

Average/Max Speed : 5.78mph / 9.68mph

Average/Min Pace : 00:10:23 / 00:06:11

Average/Max heart rate: 162/180

Calories used: 641

18:36:17 1.00m 00:10:21 5.79mph 7.92mph 146bpm 166bpm

18:48:45 1.00m 00:12:55 4.64mph 8.10mph 158bpm 171bpm

19:03:23 1.00m 00:09:59 6.01mph 7.42mph 167bpm 173bpm

19:13:22 1.00m 00:11:06 5.40mph 8.43mph 170bpm 180bpm

19:25:29 1.00m 00:08:26 7.11mph 9.68mph 171bpm 178bpm

19:34:10 1.00m 00:09:28 6.33mph 8.62mph 163bpm 172bpm

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday 14th July: Short Road Run

Distance: 4.01 Miles Time: 43:29 (Positively slug like)

Having been ill for over a week including having three days off work my training plans for this month have been completely blown apart, which is just typical really. I wanted to go out for a run to get the "first run" back out of the way and I needed to get out of the house for a bit, the two days I was working I was at home avoiding other people's sniffles. It did help me recover a bit but I was sick of being indoors with no-one but the cat to talk to.

I thought I would try to keep my HR as low as possible, at the very least under 150bpm. I nearly managed it but I can't believe how slow I had to run to achieve it - think I averaged 11 mm which is quite possibly one of my slowest runs ever. I ran along the tramway for a bit then back up along Leyland Road then home via Brownedge road at such a slow speed I thought I was running on the spot. I won't be repeating that in a hurry as it was a) bloody boring and b) I think I changed my gait to keep it that slow as the next day my hips were very stiff and odd feeling. I should've just tried to run a bit faster.

As I am coming back from illness I will be resting for a day before either getting out on the bike or going for another run on Wednesday.

The boring stats.......

Distance: 4.01m
Time taken: 00:43:29
Average/Max Speed : 5.54mph / 7.81mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:10:50 / 00:07:41
Average/Max heart rate: 143/156
Calories used: 443
18:47:05 1.00m 00:10:07 5.93mph 7.81mph 135bpm 148bpm
18:57:44 1.00m 00:10:39 5.63mph 7.24mph 142bpm 149bpm
19:08:25 1.00m 00:11:33 5.19mph 6.65mph 148bpm 156bpm
19:21:35 1.00m 00:11:02 5.44mph 6.75mph 149bpm 156bpm
19:32:37 0.01m 00:00:07 6.05mph 6.94mph 148bpm 148bpm

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ill, I hate being Ill

I have been ill all weekend and Monday, had to scrap all training plans, however the weather has been absolutely appalling anyway but I am not happy.

Friday 4th July: Off Road Run

Distance: 10.13 miles Time: 1:43 Av Speed: 10:14 Av Hr: 154

It was a little warm when I parked up, about 20 degrees according to the car. I decided to do the "easy" loop I'd checked out last time and headed off along the Goit, there was a cricket match in full swing so I kept an eye out for any stray cricket balls. I quite quickly became aware that my digestion wasn't happy, I felt bloated and uncomfortable and the heat wasn't helping. I have described this route as easy as it avoids the climb up onto Great Hill from White Coppice however I still have to do the same climb, just further along, I fully appreciated it now as I wasn't haveing to stop and check the map all the time. I eventually got onto the motorway path and was able to run a steady pace. I was still feeling very under the weather and was having to stop a few times to stop myself from feeling sick. I got to the top and still had a gel and I would be in need of fuel the headed out over the flagged path. The ground at either side of the flags was pretty boggy this time and I was wondering what it would be like at Spitler's Edge when the flags ran out....

The fluffy white things were still blowing in the breeze though I hadn't taken any camera with me to cut down on the faff factor. Once I got to Spitlers it was generally springy though I did find a few very soft bits, that section is going to be very interesting when it gets properly wet. I took the path off to LMC before reaching the road then picked up the fireroad track all the way to LMC. Downhill running was painful due to my stomach which was really annoying me. I ran to the Anglezarke car park just in time to see a van clip a stout wooden post and remove part of its front bumper, the driver looked pretty sheepish - it was a works van. The run along here was quick due to no map faff then I was on the path to White Coppice.

It is a nice loop but my digestion problems really slowed me down. I also managed to stop the Garmin for a while along the top.

Distance: 10.13m
Time taken: 01:43:45
Average/Max Speed : 5.85mph / 10.75mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:10:14 / 00:05:35
Average/Max heart rate: 154/176
Calories used: 1071
18:00:28 1.00m 00:11:21 5.28mph 9.29mph 142bpm 172bpm
18:16:01 1.00m 00:11:36 5.17mph 7.97mph 162bpm 173bpm
18:29:17 1.00m 00:09:56 6.04mph 7.70mph 156bpm 168bpm
18:44:03 1.00m 00:10:59 5.46mph 7.94mph 167bpm 176bpm
18:58:58 1.00m 00:11:05 5.41mph 7.47mph 156bpm 176bpm
19:20:13 1.00m 00:08:58 6.69mph 9.32mph 148bpm 162bpm
19:31:35 1.00m 00:08:26 7.11mph 10.75mph 150bpm 166bpm
19:41:18 1.00m 00:08:57 6.70mph 9.67mph 151bpm 160bpm
19:51:56 1.00m 00:10:56 5.48mph 7.91mph 154bpm 167bpm
20:03:49 1.00m 00:10:23 5.77mph 8.09mph 159bpm 167bpm
20:14:58 0.13m 00:01:05 6.92mph 9.00mph 161bpm 162bpm

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thrusday 3rd July: Club Run

Took it easy on this club run after racing the night before. My calves and lower legs were actually not bad at all and I put that down to cycling home afer the race. I normally get quite stiff calves from racing on tarmac so that is one benefit of cycling.

I think we covered about 5 miles and took in the big hill that I did hill reps on with the speedy ones last November or something, it actually wasn't that bad. We got rained on too.

I was intending to ride there and back but decided against it as I was feeling pretty tired.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday 2nd July: Chorley Harriers 4 Mile Race 3

Race Time: 31.37

Cycle Distance: 14.56 miles

Ouch, is all I can say.

I decided to ride there and back as it was a nice evening and to get some more bike miles in. Of course it absolutely lashed down with rain around 6pm. I had decided I would want to leave around 6.30 to give me time to cycle there, get shoes swapped etc and get myself into running mode ready for the 7.30 start, it didn't quite work out like that. As the rain was chucking down I did some preparation just in case it stopped in time. I got lights together for the bike (in case it was murky on the way home) and the water bottle and dragged out the various bits of kit I would need. I also improvised a lock as I still can't find the cable lock that was lying under the chair in the lounge for weeks but was then tidied away when Jez's family descended on us. At 6.20 pm I considered myself "ready" and at about 6.25 ish the rain stopped and the sun came out. It looked like it had passed completely so I decided to cycle there after all. After thinking I was ready I found out I wasn't really, I'd assembled my kit but not actually put any of it on or attached my number to my vest (managed to pin the whole ensemble to the duvet, muppet) or even packed my bag. Twenty minutes just seemed to vanish before I was getting the bike out of the garage, I set the Garmin into bike mode after finally RTFMing to find out how the multisport option worked, I wanted separate splits etc rather than one big amalgam of data. I think it was just after 6.45 when I set off without hitting the start on the Garmin timer.

I felt pretty tired just setting off on the bike and as I was late I was trying to make up some time, I noticed the Garmin wasn't recording at Bamber Bridge and started up the hill from the M6 junction far too fast, then remembered and backed off but it took me a while to recover which wasn't a good sign. It was weird doing this commute route again as I used to do it several times a week when I worked in Euxton, it has a few more traffic lights to contend with now but it still essentially unchanged. I rolled into the finish area where I would lock up my bike at 7:19, ooooopppppssss! That gave me about 10 minutes to lock bike, get changed, have a bit of a warmup then run to the start line. Another 5 minutes seemed to vanish as I faff then I do a little warmup and legs are all over the place from cycling then I have no choice but to head to the start line. The run down to the start line perks my legs up a bit but I could have done with a bit more easy jogging.

As usual the start is prompt and we're off. I try even harder than last time not to be left behind and I succeed for a while but I really just can't get into it, it hurts and not in an enjoyable way. After about 2 miles I could have quite happily stopped but I hang on getting slower, I have lost touch with other runners at this point but then Johnny Mac bounds past me and I keep him in sight which helps, there was no way I was going to catch him but I think I would have slowed down even further if he hadn't been in front. I came in one second slower than last month annoyingly but I was just pleased to finish at all. I still had to ride home though, another 5 minute faff while I got all my riding kit together and I was off. It was a quick spin to the bottom of the climb up to the hospital where it started hurting, I dropped into an easy gear and crawled to the top, I knew there weren't many climbs after this thankfully. I was able to push quite well unless there was any sort of up but I did really enjoy the ride home.

My splits from the race tell their own story, I started fast but couldn't hold it, though I don't think I started excessively fast. My heart rate stayed high for the whole run but having cycled there I coped ok with it. The multisport changing actually worked ok so I had separate stuff for the bike and running.

Distance: 4.01m
Time taken: 00:31:39
Average/Max Speed : 7.59mph / 9.51mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:07:54 / 00:06:18
Average/Max heart rate: 179/185
Calories used: 444
19:29:42 1.00m 00:07:40 7.82mph 9.14mph 176bpm 181bpm
19:37:24 1.00m 00:07:53 7.61mph 8.94mph 179bpm 182bpm
19:45:16 1.00m 00:07:59 7.51mph 8.85mph 180bpm 182bpm
19:53:16 1.00m 00:08:03 7.44mph 9.51mph 181bpm 185bpm
20:01:20 0.01m 00:00:03 6.70mph 8.49mph 184bpm 184bpm

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday 1st July 2008: Cycle Commute

Its July already, how did that happen! The plan today was to do high cadence and easy riding in and push it a little on the way home. I felt tired when I set off as I didn't sleep that well last night and kept to the the take it easy plan but I soon woke up and started pushing it. The wind was behind me for a change on the way in so I took adavantage, I will probably be taking it easy on the way home instead. It was a beautiful morning, warm and I didn't need the gillet I was wearing really. I got to work in just over an hour, so much for taking it easy. The ride home was slower as I was into the wind, particularly at the LSA end though I pushed hard along the marsh road and tried to get a sub 3 minute mile, which I did and was chuffed about (though looking at the splits I managed one this morning as well!). The part through town was very slow as well and I arrived home in 1:08. A really enjoyable commute, still really loving the road bike at the minute - a worrying trend for an MTBer.

AM Splits and Summary:

Distance: 17.29m
Time taken: 01:00:54
Average/Max Speed : 17.03mph / 22.92mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:03:31 / 00:02:37
Average/Max heart rate: 147/168
Calories used: 1042
07:13:51 1.00m 00:04:40 12.86mph 22.45mph 125bpm 147bpm
07:21:36 1.00m 00:03:15 18.43mph 21.15mph 141bpm 151bpm
07:24:52 1.00m 00:03:30 17.08mph 21.25mph 150bpm 156bpm
07:28:22 1.00m 00:03:38 16.51mph 21.60mph 150bpm 165bpm
07:32:00 1.00m 00:03:45 15.96mph 20.76mph 147bpm 162bpm
07:35:46 1.00m 00:03:13 18.64mph 22.03mph 160bpm 168bpm
07:38:59 1.00m 00:03:17 18.23mph 22.19mph 161bpm 168bpm
07:42:17 1.00m 00:03:03 19.60mph 22.92mph 149bpm 161bpm
07:45:20 1.00m 00:02:49 21.29mph 22.48mph 163bpm 167bpm
07:48:09 1.00m 00:03:12 18.75mph 21.18mph 164bpm 168bpm
07:51:21 1.00m 00:03:17 18.19mph 22.03mph 159bpm 164bpm
07:54:39 1.00m 00:03:27 17.38mph 21.81mph 142bpm 155bpm
07:58:07 1.00m 00:03:07 19.22mph 20.56mph 153bpm 156bpm
08:01:14 1.00m 00:03:24 17.61mph 20.69mph 153bpm 160bpm
08:04:38 1.00m 00:04:12 14.28mph 18.88mph 137bpm 150bpm
08:08:50 1.00m 00:04:36 13.02mph 20.72mph 139bpm 161bpm
08:13:27 1.00m 00:03:11 18.85mph 20.39mph 143bpm 151bpm
08:16:38 0.28m 00:01:12 13.91mph 19.83mph 143bpm 151bpm

PM Splits and Summary:

Distance: 17.75mTime taken: 01:08:03
Average/Max Speed : 15.65mph / 25.78mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:03:50 / 00:02:19
Average/Max heart rate: 142/172
Calories used: 1266
16:58:18 1.00m 00:04:35 13.05mph 18.17mph 117bpm 143bpm
17:03:07 1.00m 00:03:45 15.96mph 17.18mph 138bpm 147bpm
17:06:53 1.00m 00:03:37 16.54mph 19.88mph 138bpm 146bpm
17:10:31 1.00m 00:04:06 14.58mph 19.52mph 134bpm 151bpm
17:14:38 1.00m 00:03:07 19.22mph 20.37mph 146bpm 157bpm
17:17:45 1.00m 00:03:17 18.22mph 20.04mph 150bpm 153bpm
17:21:03 1.00m 00:03:52 15.50mph 20.65mph 144bpm 158bpm
17:24:55 1.00m 00:03:02 19.75mph 25.78mph 154bpm 162bpm
17:27:57 1.00m 00:02:43 22.05mph 24.55mph 168bpm 172bpm
17:30:42 1.00m 00:03:10 18.86mph 22.64mph 163bpm 172bpm
17:33:51 1.00m 00:04:40 12.86mph 18.08mph 148bpm 163bpm
17:38:32 1.00m 00:03:19 18.03mph 23.95mph 150bpm 162bpm
17:41:51 1.00m 00:03:50 15.63mph 20.42mph 146bpm 157bpm
17:45:42 1.00m 00:04:47 12.52mph 19.20mph 131bpm 147bpm
17:50:30 1.00m 00:04:50 12.40mph 18.86mph 132bpm 146bpm
17:55:20 1.00m 00:03:30 17.09mph 24.51mph 143bpm 151bpm
17:58:50 1.00m 00:04:05 14.68mph 21.18mph 154bpm 166bpm
18:02:56 0.74m 00:03:38 12.20mph 17.51mph 140bpm 152bpm

w/c 30th June Training

Plan for this week.

Monday: Run 30 mins fartleks (Completed)

Tuesday: Cycle Commute 34.5 miles (Completed)

Wednesday: Cycle Commute to race (16 miles) (Completed)
4 Mile Road Race plus 15 min warmup to run (Completed)

Thursday: Club Run (5 Miles), can't cycle commute as at Chiro (Completed)

Friday: Offroad run, 10 miles


Cycling: 40.5

Running: 22.7

July's Planned Training

Training Plan for July

July's events:

Wednesday 2nd July19:30Running4 MilesChorley Harriers Night Series Race 3
Thursday 19th July19:30Running10 KmBadger Sett Trail Race