Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wednesday 11th June: Evening Ride - Rivington and some more new trails

Distance: 15.5 Ride Time: 2:02:30

Av Speed: 7.32 Max Speed: 27.15

Av Hr: 128 Max Hr: 176 (Not bad, even for the road hill, used to hit 186 on there)

This Wednesday I got out on the bike rather than running. I am having a week free of races!

I had intended to take the map out with me as there is a concessionary bridleway into WildersWood that I wanted to have a whizz down but of course I forgot to take it! Only Stu, Drew and myself were up for riding tonight. Drew and I arrived on time at 18:45 and did the usual faff and were pretty much ready to ride when my phone rang and I knew it was Stu to let us know he would be late, it was! Drew and I finished getting ready and headed out towards Healey Nab at a fairly steady pace and Stu would catch us up.

The trails were very dry and fast, I managed to ride straight through some nettles trying to stay out of the offcamber rut on the way down towards Anglezarke res which stung for quite a while. Stu caught us up on Heapey Fold Lane just as we were about to head into the Nab. We climbed up the short track which was actually not that skittish, all the loose stuff seems to have disappeared then we cut across to the gate. The bracken has really grown and give a completely different feel to this little bit of track, very pleasant. We climbed up towards the drops, the dry trails made it a really easy climb and did lull me into a false sense of my own ability when I arrived at the little rock step and nearly stalled completely, I forced my way up and over it in a very unstylish manner, completely getting in Drew's way. Once I'd cleared it I realised I was probably in too high a gear, oops.

When I ran round here I had spotted a couple of descent tracks just after the drops so I mentioned to the lads that once we did the drops that we didn't whizz off down the wide track as usual. We did the drops then spotted the tracks really easily, I think they have been doing even more work on them because it was quite obvious that these were deliberately built tracks rather than stuff created by walkers, probably part of the trail work that Tony has said would be taking place here. They did look steep but at least dry so I dropped my saddle and rode down the first one. They were pretty steep and tight and lumpy due to the plantation "bumps", the furrows that they'd created when planting the trees. I got to the bottom and there was a big log over the trail that seemed to have a large drop on the other side, a complete chainring grabber. We decided that that trail was a work in progress. We rode along the bottom track then turned back to ride back to the bottom of the drops. I had never really appreciated how steep this track was until I had to ride back up it, no wonder we fly down it!

We rode back up to tackle the second descent, again I dropped my saddle. I found this one slightly more technical than the other one, steeper and tighter but I managed to ride it all easily so I was pretty pleased really. Then we rode back along the track an picked up the concessionary bridleway again. I managed to ride up the steep rock step first go, though I did try and bring the bush with me again! We popped back out onto Heapey Fold Lane then headed for the long road climb. This wasn't too bad but I did try and ride as if I was on my hardtail and stand for a bit but I got fed up bouncing up and down and sat down, I felt reasonably strong on this though fell off a bit on the second part of the climb. We whizzed down Lead Mines then headed up the second short steep climb. Half way up this climb the muscle above my knees started burning, saddle too low then. Once I got to the top I raised the saddle a bit and caught up with the lads again.

We continued up to the Pike, the climb feeling better now I'd raised by saddle. Once we got to the Pike I suggested we look at the Wilders Wood descent as it had been recommended to be by a guy on our riding holiday in Spain. I took full advantage of being on the Titus and hooned down the cobbly path to the gate and I had to slow a bit for the corner, normally I don't bother as on the hardtail the roughness of the corner takes the speed off just fine. we found the start of the concessionary bridleway and flew off down it, it was fast and swoopy. The brideway should have taken us out at the back of a school on the same road that we normally pop out at but not having the map we missed the turn so had to climb all the way back up, though it proved the climb was easily rideable. We ended up taking a bit of a footpath that involved carrying bikes up and down some steps then rode along a lovely grassy path which took us pretty much back to the bottom of the Commonwealth Games descent.

We were back on the normal route and the woods section was lovely and dry, as was the track along the reservoir but the surfacing work they have done made things very skittish. A fast balst along the res then back to the car.

I had the Garmin with me and it had a bit of a wibble in the woody sections but not too bad, think it only lost about 3/4 mile.


Distance: 14.83m
Time taken: 02:01:30
Average/Max Speed : 7.32mph / 27.15mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:08:11 / 00:02:12
Average/Max heart rate: 128/176Calories used: 1524
19:03:05 1.00m 00:05:24 11.09mph 17.52mph 107bpm 143bpm
19:08:37 1.00m 00:06:48 8.82mph 27.15mph 135bpm 161bpm
19:15:47 1.00m 00:06:13 9.63mph 16.77mph 122bpm 148bpm
19:22:01 1.00m 00:09:22 6.40mph 12.24mph 119bpm 176bpm
19:39:07 1.00m 00:12:05 4.96mph 20.44mph 128bpm 171bpm
20:03:23 1.00m 00:08:48 6.81mph 25.19mph 142bpm 170bpm
20:12:12 1.00m 00:06:44 8.89mph 20.89mph 115bpm 172bpm
20:24:25 1.00m 00:08:00 7.50mph 16.89mph 132bpm 171bpm
20:34:00 1.00m 00:10:31 5.70mph 11.06mph 146bpm 164bpm
20:44:31 1.00m 00:10:28 5.73mph 26.25mph 128bpm 175bpm
21:05:19 1.00m 00:06:05 9.84mph 26.43mph 119bpm 155bpm
21:13:41 1.00m 00:09:30 6.31mph 21.26mph 133bpm 161bpm
21:24:07 1.00m 00:08:47 6.82mph 24.46mph 121bpm 162bpm
21:39:53 1.00m 00:05:42 10.50mph 15.41mph 133bpm 161bpm
21:45:36 0.83m 00:06:55 7.19mph 14.80mph 141bpm 168bpm

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