Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday 3rd June: Road Ride

Actually got out for an easy spin. I did wonder whether it was sensible or not as it was quite windy but as I was supposed to be taking it easy then I thought I would just drop the gears and keep cadence high. I had originally entertained thoughts of going all the way out to Elswick and doing over 30 miles but by the time I got home and tracked down all my riding kit (new Sugoi shorts) , tools etc for the saddle bag it was getting on a bit. I inflated the tyres as they were soft as usual when it hadn't been used for a week or two and fitted the Garmin bike mount which was quite easy though I am not a fan of zip tie mounts really as I never seem to get them tight enough. I left a few centimetres of the tie on, which looks unsightly but should mean I can have another go at tightening it if the Garmin moves around.

I clipped the Garmin on and the Polar computer for the cadence (still need to put the sensor on for speed) and the handlebar area looked like a aircraft cockpit with all the displays and buttons. I had a couple of gels and armwarmers in my jersey pockets and I set off. After about 200 metres it was clear my legs were still tired so definitely a cadence rather than a speed session then. After a mile the Garmin gives out a weird chiming noise to let me know a mile had passed, it was much more annoying than the running one and I will switch it off for next time.

I cruised my way to Strand Road, straight into the wind and continued out of Preston past the Audi garage. I turned right towards Clifton after Lea Gate and was hoping for some shelter from teh wind but it didn't seem to be happening. I kept the cadence high and the gears and heart rate low and ignored the speed. I carried on to the Hand and Dagger where I dodged a flotilla of canoeists carrying their equipment to the canal, I've never seen so many canoes in one place. I turned left here and headed out to Treales, I was right into the wind at this point but spun along moving into the drops for a while. I turned right once through Treales heading towards the masts at Inskip, the wind was side on here so I picked up some speed and cruised nicely along until the bridge over the M55 where I stopped for a gel. I continued on until the junction I would normally take to head to Elswick instead I carried straight on and skirted round the bottom of the mast site. I arrived at the junction of Hand and Dagger road quite quickly and headed back towards the pub. I made good progress here again as it was a side wind really.

When I arrived at the H & D there were no canoeists, they were all paddling on the canal (yuck, rather them than me) but a couple of cyclists were sat outside having a pint or two, looked tempting. I carried on towards Clifton and the wind seemed to be in my face again for a while but then it seemed to be behind me again. Once I got back onto the cycle path into Preston I was flying as the wind was right behind me. The traffic section through town was quiet this time and I had an easy cruise back home. I did decide to ride along the path on the south side of the river bank thinking it would be quieter, it was but it was also bone shakingly rough so I won't do that again on this bike.

Distance: 26.64 Time: 1:41:06
Av Speed: 15.5 ok, considering how much of a plod it was at points
Av Hr: 132 (58%, nice and low)
Max Hr: 158 (Just pushing up the hill past Texaco)

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