Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday 24th June: Walk in the Yorkshire Dales

Distance: 7.9 Miles Time: 2:50

Jez and I decided to go for a walk to test out his knee. Rather than do a long Lakes walk we decided to do something in the Dales, not very high or long. Jez fancied walking up the steep side of Pen-y-Ghent again, the last time we did it a few years ago it was completely covered in snow and a bit scary really, I had also hurt my right hand from (I think, memory hazy) falling off my bike on ice on the way to work, I trapped a couple of fingers under the bar when I fell and broke them. I wasn't able to hold on to the rock very well and that made me less than pleased.

We planned to walk from the layby from Horton-in-Ribblesdale up to Pen-y-Ghent by the steep side then descend back to Horton via the easier route. It is a stiff pull straight up from the car but it was nice to not have to wade through snow drifts. It is an easy path to the start of the steep path but this time the lack of snow made for fast progress, I wouldn't even describe it as a scramble really though there was a woman struggling a bit with it. We asked her if she was ok and she said she was fine, just a little slow. We got to the top fairly quickly and stopped for a brief time on a cairn. The last time we climbed up here we were chased down rapidly by the miserable weather. It was warm today, cloudy but at least no driving wind and snow.

As we'd got to the top quickly we decided to head over Plover Hill first and drop down to the bridleway that skirts the bottom. The walk over to Plover hill was on unsurfaced moorland track, thankfully it was generally dry with a few very boggy patches, best avoided in the wet. We were both getting peckish but hadn't bothered packing any food at all as we hadn't intended being out for that long (silly) but Jez found some fusty jelly babies in his bag, they took a bit of chewing but at least got the blood sugar up a bit. The descent off Plover Hill was entertainingly steep with a bit of a sheer drop at one point, I was glad it was dry as the limestone would have been pretty slippy in the wet. We picked up the bridleway which has been "improved" in places with a lot of surfacing. It would be a boggy mess otherwise though it still retains some interest and some damge from motocrossers as well. Jez and I both thought it would be good to take a bike along it at some point (some route planning needed to incorporate it into one of our other rides). It was an easy amble back down to H-i-R though we arrived back to find the caff closes for the day on a Tuesday. Typical!

We bought some emergency rations (pasties basically) from the former post office to stave off starvation.

Photo of Ingleborough, quite murky though:

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