Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday 10th June 2008: Cycle Commute

Commute In: Distance: 17.42 Time: 1:06:00 (No real data )

Commute Home: Distance: 17.42 Time: 1:00:01 Av Speed: 17.42 Max Speed: 33.06

Av HR: 137 Max HR: 160

Bike: Ribble Roadie

Had planned to cycle commute, to get some more bike miles in and offset some fuel costs! Woke up to grey skies and a stronger wind than I would've liked, looked like a normal Westerly type so would be a headwind all the way in to work. Had a debate for 10 minutes or so but in the end got up and got dressed. I find getting all my kit ready the night before helps and I would definitely forget something crucial (like underwear) if I had to run around in the morning and sort it all out. Had a gel, filled water bottle then got bike out of garage. Tyres felt ok so locked garage and wheeled bike round the front of the house.

I attached the Polar and the Garmin (still haven't fitted the new sensor to the Polar, oops) then set off, it took me until I was on Heyhouses Lane and half a mile from wotk to notice that I hadn't actually started the Garmin and distance travelled was 0 feet. Not a great start. The ride itself was ok, the headwind slowing things down quite a bit, my legs were also a bit tired from the speed session but not sore like they can be after intervals I have done on my own, I put that down to the fact I was on a grass track rather than tarmac. There is no real data from the ride in but I think it took 1:06 total elapsed and it was nice to be out on the bike in the morning.

For the ride home I had made a note to start the Garmin. I left my desk just after 5pm and got changed and walked over to E block where the bike sheds now are, got all the kit on the bike and me and was just about to set off when I put my hands on the bars and realised I had no gloves on. A rummage in the bag and I realise I'd left them in the Ladies in R block. So I walk back through E block and was halfway to R block mithering to myelf about walking over there then having to walk back again when it dawned on me I should ride the bike over there as I have to pass it on my way out anyway. I turned round and walked back and got the bike and cycled over to R block then zoomed upstairs (well as fast as I could in bike shoes) and my gloves were lying on the floor of the cubicle I'd got changed in.

I set off and hit start on the Garmin timer and the Polar to check my cadence. I had entertained thoughts earlier in the day of extending the ride home and heading out through Kirkham to the masts but it would mean not getting home until after 7pm and I had stuff to do. I will be out every evening for the rest of the week so decided not to extend it but to push hard on the way home instead. I had the benefit of the wind I had fought in on the way to work to help me along. I was averaging over 20mph on the stretch between Warton and Lytham and along the Marsh Road. I rode in the drops all the way along the Marsh Road as well to start getting myself used to it, there was a noticeable speed gain into the wind on the way in this morning whenver I was in the drops. Once I got onto Strand Road I dropped to an easy cruise through the slow traffic section then bimbled along the tramway which was busy with lots of people so no point trying to hurry.

I pulled up at home and stopped the Garmin and put the road bike away. Once I downloaded the data I saw the time for my home commute was 1:00:01, I can't believe it, if I hadn't bimbled quite so much along the tramway I could've gotten in in under an hour. I've never really been that close to getting under the hour on the way home because the sections through Warton and Preston are busy with traffic and it really slows things down. Will need to have a go on the next strong tail wind day! Even pushing pretty hard my HR never got above 160, it never used to stay that low.

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