Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday 12th June: Club Run

Fairly steady club run tonight. Worked out I have done just under 80 miles of cycling since Sunday, with 43.46miles offroad. I haven't ridden that much in a week since May last year! A look through my BikeJournal log shows some pretty pathetic bike mileage totals last year actually. I work on 2:1 ratio of offroad to road miles so total road equivalent mileage would be up around the 120 mark, so I was expecting my legs to really struggle. They weren't actually too bad for a steady plod but getting them to turn over fast was definitely a no-no. I was quite pleased actually and will try to maintain the bike miles and climbing as I think it helps my overall fitness, I am sure I was faster running this time last year as I was getting loads of cycling in. I am toying with the idea of cycling to club sessions after Yvonne and Roger have started doing it but the time thing still bothers me as it'll add on at least an extra hour to the evening which when Jez comes back I'm not sure I'll want to do, we'll see.

I think it was probably under 5 miles or so tonight, didn't feel very long at all, though everything still feels short after Garburn.

I am planning an offroad run tomorrow though will decide how long once I find out how my legs are. Pam and I are planning a Lakes walk on Saturday too, looking forward to it.

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