Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer CBAs

Was it my bi-annual CBA fest ?

I felt completely out of it in the middle of June, particularly the week before Jez came back. I just felt wiped with no motivation to do anything, I think I had a bit of a cold or something but it didn't amount to much. In the past I have tried to push through that feeling but it only gets worse, this time (and last December) I just backed off and rested up. I did no running at all for two weeks and only one road ride and a couple of hill walks in those two weeks. I generally did nothing on our week off though as the weather wasn't brilliant this didn't bother me as much as it may have had the weather been good. Looking at my training diary May was a pretty hefty month for me running wise, a few races including a 10 mile road race and Garburn trail race. My running mileage was 94 but for the rest of the year it has been hovering around the 65 - 70 mark so that is quite a jump. I also ramped up the cycling quite a bit at the beginning of June so I think I just needed the break.

I have entered the Pendle Pedal and I am feeling motivated again with something new to aim for though my legs are complaining of the impact from running again. My training plan will need to be well though out (oops) to cope with the extra cycling miles but still fit in some running as I still have some, admittedly short, races to do. I also want to start commuting to and from running club and local races to offset some diesel costs and just enjoy some more time on the bike.

I wonder if I'll get this way again in December ?

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