Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday 9th June: Speed Training

Got down to the Club's Monday Night track session at Parklands High School. It was 23C when I parked up, realised as I walked across the field that I had put my HR strap on but actually didn't have the watch, muppet!

We warmed up at a nice pace round the playing fields, last time I made a speed session the warm up pace nearly killed me. The session was to be run in pairs (or as a three in my case) with 600 metre efforts and as long as it took the other person to run 600 metres for recovery, this would continue for 40 minutes. 600 metres didn't sound a lot until I tried to run it! My legs were pretty heavy from yesterdays MTB ride and I found it difficult to get them to turn over quickly, think they would've preferred pedalling. The track was grassy and really nice to run on actually, pretty smooth. I can't remember the last time I ran on any sort of running track, probably at school.

As I forgot my watch I didn't now what each rep was but I think I was reasonably consistent as I tried to run a pace I thought I could sustain for a while, though the heat and heavy legs helped keep things under control. Managed about 7 and a half in the 40 minutes.

7.5 x 600 metres: 4500 metres total

About 2.8 miles.

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