Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday 2nd June: Short Recovery Run

As the weather didn't play ball yesterday I rested completely rather than take the road bike out for a slow ride in the rain. I had a rubbish nights sleep on Sunday night, not sure why but I just kept walking up again and again so I felt pretty shattered all day.

By the time evening came round I really didn't feel in the mood for running and sitting in a traffic jam on the M6 on the way home did nothing to perk me up. I had toyed with the idea of going to White Coppice to do the low level paths but due to traffic I didn't get in until after 6pm and I CBA'd driving for 25 minutes or so to just run for three miles. I decided to go to Cuerden park and do some of the trails there.

It is only about 2 to 3 miles away really but as I only wanted a short run I didn't want to add on any more distance so I drove to the car park on the A49. I set off at a nice plod and my legs felt a little heavy but not sore.

I was supposed to be avoiding hills and had forgotten that the park is actually quite hilly unless you stick solely to the river banks, which are boring and busy. I explored some of the trails in the park which were undulating but I tried to run them slowly, which wasn't a problem initially but got more difficult as my legs woke up.

I quickly found myself on the road that splits the park in two and realised how close I was to Pam's, it was around the two mile mark at this point and I decided to head back as I didn't really know anything except the main bike trail in the other part of the park. I ran along the flat river bank dodging dogs, kids on bikes and four a breast walkers then up the hill out of the park. I pushed it a bit too much here but remembered and slowed myself down.

Felt loads better after my run, so worth it for that alone.

Distance: 3.4 Miles
Av. Speed: 10:27 nice and slow
Av. HR: 137 (not sure I've ever been that low)
Max: 168 - on the hill toward the end, but naughty should have walked it.

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