Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday 23rd June: Road Ride

Distance: 33.66 Average Speed: 16.07 Average Hr: 144

Have been a little under the weather last week and did practically nothing. The original plan today was to go out on a morning road ride with Jez and head over to Blackburn to test out my new gear ratios on some hills. I have a triple 52, 42, 30 on the front and 11-23 on the rear and I occasionally find the gears too tall and I prefer spinning to grinding on climbs so I have decided to make it easier on myself and put a 12-27 on the rear! Unfortunately a plumbing emergency (downstairs loo blocked, urgh) put paid to that. By the time we had sorted a plumber out it was afternoon and Jez was due to be flying his models by then. I had been suffering the usual stomach cramps from start of TOTM so wasn't really feeling in the mood for anything, but as I'd done very little last week I got my kit on and took the road bike out for a little spin.

It was the usual Westerly and it was pretty strong so it would actually be a reasonable test of the new cassette as I often find I could do with an extra gear or so when heading into a strong wind. I wasn't feeling brilliant at all when I set off, my cramps were quite painful but I had decided just to do the loop that skirts below the masts and pop into see Jez at his flying field on the way back to the H & D, about 26 miles. I took it very easy through town and out past the Audi garage, I turned right towards Clifton and started to pick up the pace a little bit as I was now onto the quiet roads. I cruised past BNFL then turned left towards Treales at the H & D and straight into the wind, great. I got down on the drops and just pushed along, through Treales and out towards the M55, around here I started to feel much better and really got into it. My legs were feeling good after a very easy week so I wound it up a bit. I stopped on the M55 bridge for a gel then as I was feeling good headed out towards Elswick to ride round the top of the masts. I got myself into the drops generally and just pushed along enjoying myself.

Jez had mentioned he was going to be at the field until around 4pm, it was now after 15:30 as I was going through Roseacre so that spurred me on to pedal faster. I rode through Elswick and Inskip with the wind generally behind me but then turned into it again at the other Derby Arms outside Inskip. I pushed along on the drops ok then I was on H & D road again keeping an eye out for some model aircraft/helis scooting around. It wasn't long before I heard the distinctive whine and I turned down an unsurfaced farm track for a bit and headed for the parked cars. It was quite entertaining riding along the deep gritty stuff on skinny tyres. I stopped to have a chat to Jez and as I suspected he noticed my handiwork with the zip ties and the Garmin mount, hee hee. After a grumble about my bodging he tightened them up more and cut the ends off (and pressed the lap button too, hence the 0.69 lap reading). He said he was actually going to have to stay a bit longer than 16:00 now. I decided to head back home and slithered along the farm track and back onto tarmac. I kept pushing until I got to Lea Gate then just cruised the last 8 miles or so home through town. Avenham Park was busy so I was pretty slow going through there.

All in all an umpromising start to a great ride, really giving serious though to the Pendle Pedal now.....roadie! The new cassette does have some "gaps" in it which this predominantly flat ride did show up but they should help on the steeper climbs over towards Belmont way. Jez has put my old 11-23 block and the chain away together in case I decide I want to put those ratios back on.

Data from the Garmin, not sure how useful split data is from the bike but I'll keep it for now.

Distance: 33.66m
Time taken: 02:05:41
Average/Max Speed : 16.07mph / 25.18mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:03:44 / 00:02:22
Average/Max heart rate: 144/166
Calories used: 2108

14:24:17 1.00m 00:04:11 14.33mph 19.90mph 125bpm 146bpm
14:31:05 1.00m 00:03:20 17.99mph 21.25mph 139bpm 148bpm
14:34:26 1.00m 00:03:45 15.95mph 23.20mph 146bpm 161bpm
14:38:11 1.00m 00:03:38 16.49mph 19.75mph 151bpm 164bpm
14:41:49 1.00m 00:04:34 13.12mph 17.84mph 146bpm 163bpm
14:46:24 1.00m 00:03:37 16.54mph 18.73mph 155bpm 166bpm
14:50:02 1.00m 00:03:46 15.87mph 19.12mph 157bpm 166bpm
14:53:49 1.00m 00:04:24 13.59mph 18.90mph 134bpm 149bpm
14:58:24 1.00m 00:03:40 16.30mph 19.73mph 154bpm 160bpm
15:02:05 1.00m 00:03:40 16.36mph 20.57mph 148bpm 158bpm
15:06:13 1.00m 00:03:33 16.86mph 19.61mph 154bpm 159bpm
15:09:49 1.00m 00:03:28 17.26mph 22.38mph 156bpm 162bpm
15:13:17 1.00m 00:03:26 17.45mph 22.37mph 154bpm 159bpm
15:16:44 1.00m 00:03:37 16.52mph 21.49mph 127bpm 161bpm
15:24:42 1.00m 00:03:17 18.28mph 19.55mph 148bpm 159bpm
15:27:59 1.00m 00:03:26 17.40mph 20.15mph 158bpm 164bpm
15:31:26 1.00m 00:03:36 16.59mph 19.27mph 158bpm 163bpm
15:35:03 1.00m 00:03:10 18.93mph 22.30mph 148bpm 157bpm
15:38:13 1.00m 00:03:05 19.42mph 21.88mph 153bpm 159bpm
15:41:18 1.00m 00:03:15 18.42mph 22.08mph 144bpm 149bpm
15:44:34 1.00m 00:03:29 17.20mph 19.01mph 152bpm 157bpm
15:48:03 0.69m 00:03:44 11.07mph 18.23mph 123bpm 157bpm
15:53:56 1.00m 00:03:56 15.19mph 21.30mph 140bpm 159bpm
16:02:47 1.00m 00:03:31 17.05mph 22.12mph 147bpm 159bpm
16:06:21 1.00m 00:03:44 16.03mph 20.95mph 142bpm 157bpm
16:10:07 1.00m 00:03:05 19.36mph 25.18mph 140bpm 154bpm
16:13:34 1.00m 00:03:52 15.51mph 21.40mph 137bpm 158bpm
16:17:26 1.00m 00:03:01 19.80mph 23.16mph 142bpm 156bpm
16:20:28 1.00m 00:03:15 18.46mph 22.38mph 147bpm 156bpm
16:23:43 1.00m 00:04:53 12.25mph 20.81mph 124bpm 148bpm
16:28:54 1.00m 00:04:21 13.78mph 20.93mph 133bpm 150bpm
16:33:49 1.00m 00:03:47 15.83mph 21.73mph 142bpm 154bpm
16:37:40 1.00m 00:04:09 14.46mph 18.81mph 152bpm 163bpm
16:41:52 0.97m 00:04:08 13.97mph 18.57mph 138bpm 156bpm

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