Monday, June 30, 2008

June: Summary

Hot on the heels of May and my highest running mileage total month ever with 94, June was a bit of a turnaround with my lowest mileage month this year with a grand total of 42! On the plus side it has been my highest mileage cycling month for the best part of 18 months with 145 miles. Which is much better than of late but not near the amount I used to do before I got sucked in to running.

I've struggled a little this month, I had a bit of a sniffle and no motivation in the week before Jez got back and had to can the Cuerden trail race again and I did very little on our week off. Though I think the rest probably did me good, I'm now feeling quite motivated to go out and do something again.

Running: 42

Cycling: 145

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