Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday 27th June: Road Run

Distance: 4.06 Miles Time: 35:15 Av Speed: 8:40 mm Av Hr: 167

Short get back into it run after doing not very much at all for a fortnight. I had a touch of a sniffle before Jez came back and just rested up a bit but have rested up a bit more than I intended! Felt good to be out again but should have probably laid off the coffee a bit before headin out as I felt a touch hyper. I had no plan except to run for two miles then run back again to get my legs moving. My pace was all over the place but that was good, I did steady when I felt like it, sprinted up the embankments then had a sprint along the offroad track on the way back. I had to jog a bit to recover from this as it was a bit fast really, then steady back home.

I think legs will feel it tomorrow but nice to blow the cobwebs away before heading out to Amsterdam for the weekend.

Distance: 4.06m
Time taken: 00:35:15
Average/Max Speed : 6.91mph / 10.12mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:08:40 / 00:05:55
Average/Max heart rate: 167/182
Calories used: 440
11:03:51 1.00m 00:08:30 7.05mph 8.55mph 159bpm 169bpm
11:12:25 1.00m 00:08:24 7.13mph 8.94mph 169bpm 182bpm
11:20:50 1.00m 00:08:58 6.69mph 10.12mph 168bpm 181bpm
11:31:26 1.00m 00:08:48 6.81mph 7.77mph 173bpm 181bpm
11:41:01 0.06m 00:00:32 6.79mph 7.26mph 176bpm 177bpm

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