Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chorley Harriers 4 Mile: Race 2

The second of the races in the series. I hadn't fully comprehended the implications of this being so close to Garburn, my legs were still pretty tired last night. I think if it had been much longer than 4 miles I wouldn't have run but I decided to give it a go, it would be over quite quickly.

I was quite hungry before I set off so I took a gel and some water with me and would decide whether to have them or not after the warm up. I drove to the race venue with no incident this time, the advantage of knowing where I was going. I was still feeling a little weary but as I had my number already I got straight out of the car ready to start a slow warmup. I had to wait a bit for the Garmin to find itself then I set off into Astley Park. My legs were better than Monday but they still felt like the didn't belong to me. I jogged around for 10 minutes then started to head back, normally I would start speeding up to my intended race pace on the run back but my legs were having none of it, not a good sign.

Had a quick drink of water and the gel then headed off to the start, its a few minutes of downhill running to the start line and my legs were really not great on the downhill, they didn't seem to have the strength just to let go. I spoke to a few other Harriers on the start line then got ready to run. We started very quickly after being called to the line and I tried not to get chucked out the back straight away but at the same time not go off too fast, most of the first mile is uphill and it felt hard, my legs were struggling. Heading onto the downhill section I was actually slower than the last time as my legs just couldn't take running hard downhill, but after about a mile and a half I started to feel more into it.

On the second time on the climb my legs were feeling much better and I started to overtake people, I continued overtaking a few on the up then held on for the down. I still couldn't run very well downhill so couldn't capitalise where I normally would, I caught up to someone about two thirds of the way down but just didn't have the oomph to pass them, however I knew I would be able to pass them on the uphill section so I just hung back a bit to recover and pushed past them when the road kicked up again. I held on for the last climb which again seemed to go on forever then crossed the finish line. I checked the Garmin and I was at 31:37 so I managed to beat my last months time, just. I'll update with the official results time when they are posted.

Hopefully next month I'll feel as strong on the uphills as I did tonight but I'll also be able to fly downhill. My goal now is to break 31 minutes. I was more evenly paced than last time as well though I was quicker over the last mile last time.


19:29:32 1.00m 00:07:50 7.65mph 9.26mph 168bpm 177bpm
19:37:25 1.00m 00:07:55 7.56mph 9.28mph 174bpm 183bpm
19:45:21 1.00m 00:07:49 7.68mph 9.65mph 179bpm 183bpm
19:53:10 1.00m 00:07:56 7.55mph 9.55mph 180bpm 184bpm
20:01:07 0.01m 00:00:05 7.53mph 7.79mph 182bpm 182bpm

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