Monday, June 30, 2008

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes everywhere there are bikes....

.....In Amsterdam.

Saw my first multi-storey bike park! At Centraal Station in Amsterdam, there were just bikes as far as the eye could see. Everyone seems to cycle in Amsterdam, I had heard that but didn't really appreciate what it meant until I saw it with my own eyes. There were people whizzing around on bikes everywhere, just to get from A to B, no one was dressed up in "cycling clothes" and no-one was wearing a helmet, they were just wearing normal clothes. It obviously helps that there are no hills in Amsterdam.

The cycle lanes are fantastic and bikes just seem to have right of way everywhere, it was great. I have been inspired to try to use my bike(s) more for transport than I currently do, including cycling too and from running club and the night series races. It will take some extra planning but as Jez is going away (again!!!!!) I will be able to do it without feeling like I am spending all my time away doing something. Just need to sort out where I am going to leave my bike at the Cricket Club.

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