Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday 22nd May: Short Road Run

I had intended to run with the Club last night but as Jez is heading out to Oz with work for what has now stretched into four weeks I decided to have a quick run on my own as soon as I got in from work and go for a curry with him and some friends.

It was quite warm, with a noticeable wind and it looked like it was threatening rain. Decided to do four miles and as I'm not sure of a loop onto the tramway that is four miles I decided to do out and back. Set off running too fast (yay some speed is coming back) but wasn't too bothered about pace, so fast one minute, slower the next.

The trees and other greenery are now in full leaf which is lovely, what is not so lovely however are the insects. I got at least three in my eye and almost swallowed one, bliddy things. I had to stop at least twice to get the little beggars out of my eye and one of them only came out this morning, little sod. I was debating with myself whether to take a bike out (road or off) or to do another short run tonight to keep me occupied as I'll be by myself but my right hamstring feels niggly so am leaning towards resting and stretching tonight.

So 4 miles and an all over the place pace - was fun though and the rain held off.

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